Connect! Reflections on the Role of Social in Sustainability Leadership

October 18, 2013 at 8:36 pm Leave a comment

Contributed by Kryie Bock

The question for today’s blog post:
What did I take away from the recent Spheres of Influence Virtual Roundtable on “Why Social is Key for Women Leaders?” Connection.  To gather and truly “fireside chat” about two topics we are most passionate about–Sustainability and Connecting– leads to connection!
“Connecting” in ways that are often seen as “disconnected” because they’re virtual was a challenge successfully overcome in this inspiring and engaging forum for conversation.
There were several great takeaways, but one stood out above all others. “Confidence is key. Having a voice is the start…” said Andrea Learned, social media strategist and author of  Don’t Think Pink.  And it turns out that social media can help people build not just relationships but confidence. For those of you who are just starting out, or who are introverts, this is for you, too. Social media participation can allow you to put your toe in the water, before going “all in.” You can start on which ever social media platform seems most accessible to you, whether it’s Twitter, or Google+ or LinkedIn, and expand from there as you get more comfortable. Or maybe you’ll just decide that one platform really works for you and stay there.
I posed this question to Andrea Learned: “As V.P. of Membership Engagement for the Net Impact Chicago Professional Chapter, with over 600+ members, with our members having various backgrounds from students, with professionals in business, CSR, Non-Profit,  Engineering, Architecture, and Higher Education, tell me about appropriate strategies for an organization like ours.”
Andrea’s answer. “Focus on sharing what is exciting,” what are your members sharing with you, and use those themes to give back variety! And frequency, yes to that, too. In any new relationship when “connecting,” aren’t you always wanting more? Yes. Also, give the new and tenured members the connection they are looking for by providing quality information– serve as a resouce! Have the Board of Net Impact Chicago exercise its leadership by having its passion and voice heard through  social media outlets. And, Andrea gave a great suggestion which is that chapter-based organizations can share each others’ successes via social media, creating a broader, national network that is supporting and learning from each other. And it can be fun!
The experience of participating in this conversation added value to me personally and professionally. And most all, this has certainly moved my needle so that I can add more value to colleagues, and I got some great news resources and channels for doing so!

Thank you to all and look forward to “chatting” with you on at the next Spheres of Influence roundtable on November 4th when we learn from Jill Dumain about her career path and leadership insights at the great sustainable business Patagonia!

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Why Social is Important to Women Leaders: October 2nd Virtual Roundtable Series Event “You Think You’re Too Small to Make a Difference?” Leadership Wisdom from Jill Dumain of Patagonia

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