Why Do I Shop at Patagonia?

August 3, 2012 at 10:21 pm Leave a comment

Contributed by Dr. Sarah

  • Am I shopping at Patagonia for clothes for my upcoming trip to LA because of the summer sale? Sure. The sale helps.
  • Am I giving them my business because they have versatile styles? Yes. (For the record, I care about style…)
  • Do I shop there because of their amazing return and repair (yes, repair) policy? It doesn’t hurt.
  • Am I impressed by their friendly knowledgeable sales people? I am, in fact. (This goes some distance with me.)

All of that, and…

I’m also a deeply committed eco conscious-consumer.

I know that Patagonia clothes will last– lessening my need to tap the planet’s limited natural resources (and my pocketbook).

And when my clothes have worn out (in some decades, if I can still fit in them!), I can recycle them. Any of them. All of them. At Patagonia. Just by mailing them in… That’s very motivating to me.

I know that they do their best to use green materials and processes that do as little harm as possible to the natural world that my kids– all our kids– will inhabit for the rest of their lives.

They are committed to the core to reducing the impact of their eco impact. No “green washing” here. And they are humble about the fact that they have further to go– as we all do.

And this is really important to me– They have a “Vote the Environment” campaign. In my view the single most important eco action we can take is to become engaged voters. So I love this campaign!

They even want us to shop less! A business that wants us to buy less?!

That’s why I feel really good about giving them my business as I wait for the box to arrive with that new sun dress  for my trip to LA.

Why am I such a committed eco shopper? Because I love my kids. Fiercely. How about you?

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