You Can Help Me Fulfill My Mission as an Ambassador for Green

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When I realized that our addiction to oil posed a threat to my children’s health and well being, I knew that in order to make the greatest impact I needed to use my psychological expertise in addictions and behavior change to tackle what many consider the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. (Hubris, I know!)

My mission as an “unlikely environmentalist” is to spread the word about the scale and urgency of our severe addiction to oil, the consequences of that addiction– and importantly–what we can do to ensure our children a world in which they can thrive. Because that’s what we want, right?

So, I’ve written a book which I’m just about to pitch. The title? Fierce Love: How One Mother Reivented Herself by Saving the Planet… and you can too!

The intended core audience? People who watch The View and Oprah, people who read Self magazine and shop at Target. People who LOVE their Starbucks. Maybe they shop at Whole Foods sometimes, maybe not. (That might not be you.)

My message is one of empowerment and personal transformation. The book is part memoir, part coaching book in the personal growth genre.

The single most important factor that publishers are looking for is a large and engaged audience. That’s you!

Getting a good book contract will help me expand my spheres of influence so that I can catalyze others to use their spheres of influence to protect the planet for our kids.  I’m asking you to jump through several virtual hoops– this is not about me, it’s about our precious natural world.

So here’s how you can help me fulfill my mission of protecting the planet for our children by enlisting the unenlisted: (Do this by September 1st and you’ll get a FREE copy of my reflections on Soul Survival!)

1. Subscribe to (and comment on!) my blog.  Comment on this post even! (I blog about being a divorced mom, about raising kids who love and respect the natural world, about how we can use our spheres of influence to protect the planet,  about the personal rewards of going green.)   (Sometimes the links don’t work in WordPress:

2. Sign up for my mailing list to receive information about opportunities to make a difference to protect the planet–and what I call “Things I love.”   (If the link doesn’t work it’s here

3. Become a fan of my FaceBook Page! Or– if you like it, “Like it! Then please recommend it!

4. Follow on me on Twitter where I tweet about all kinds of cool green stuff– food, kids, cocktails, cool stuff, enoughness, using our voices.

5. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel where you’ll find videos of fun Spheres of Influence eco events as well as short clips on how you can use your Spheres of Influence, and how to Go Green and Get Happy.

6. Download chapters of my book and post a comment on my Fierce Love page (complete with video!):

7. If you support my mission, please spread the word and invite friends and family to do sign up as well! Tweet, email, Facebook message– whatever means you use to spread the word! Your children will thank you!

I’ve just asked you to take a lot of steps, I know. They all count– just like all us changing our lightbulbs counts!

Thank you for your time, your support, your interest and all that you’re doing to use your spheres of influence to protect the planet!

Remember if you act by September 1st, you’ll be rewarded with a free copy of my reflections on Soul Survival!

Because we have exactly enough time, starting now!

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