Afterthoughts on my eco mom blog post about my Toyota

July 21, 2010 at 8:17 am 2 comments

Well, I stuck my toe in the waters of product blogging, as a Twittermom, with some trepidation.

As part of the Toyota Twittermom campaign, I committed to posting a blog about why I love my Toyota, and the posting a follow-up blog about the experience.

So here goes.

I had been a bit concerned about push back about blogging about a product, especially since I’m in the “green” space and my car is not a traditionally eco-friendly car.  (Not traditionally eco, but as I noted in my previous blog post, the fact that Toyotas last a long time makes them more sustainable than cars that fall apart after a couple of years– as did my old Saturn.) No push back. I did get people viewing the post on my site, according to the blog stats, but no comments. Tough to get comments, isn’t it?

What I enjoyed about the process was that, for one– a bit to my surprise– I did feel a part of a campaign, even if it was a virtual campaign.  And it made me feel more a part of Twittermoms which I’ve been technically a member of for some months without being very active.

I also enjoyed going to the Toyota Facebook page and seeing other people’s stories about their cars.

Being somewhat technologically disabled (slow perhaps?) and pressed for time as I usually am, I was unable to figure out how to go back into the area on Toyota’s Facebook page where my story was posted, and see if anyone had commented there. That’s sort of par for the course for me when it comes to tech– I don’t waste a lot of time trying to figure stuff out unless it really matters to me. I did, for instance, spend three days, on and off, attempting to post a photo to my new Twitter account for my psychology and coaching practice (@SarahBWarrenPhD). We choose our battles, right?

So, having returned from my first foray into the universe of blogging about products, I’m guessing I will blog about products again at some point when the occasion arises.

Should I?

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  • 1. desestressabel  |  July 22, 2010 at 12:42 am

    I am trying to find the Toyota Facebook Page. Did you locate it and if so please post how to get to it. I want to post my story about my 1992 Toyota LandCruiser with 231,894 miles with no overhaul.


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