Meet Dr. Sarah Warren- Catalyst and Ambassador for Green

May 23, 2008 at 7:54 am

As a clinical and consulting psychologist, Dr. Sarah Warren uses her expertise in behavior change and communication to serve as an ambassador for green. Drawing on her work in the addictions field—that includes our addiction to oil–, her mission is to educate and inspire individuals and organizations in order to move them from denial to awareness to action and into “recovery”.

A seasoned psychologist, Dr. Sarah turned her expertise in behavior change to the problem of the climate crisis, helping people find their mission by greening their lifestyles, businesses and careers to protect the planet for future generations so that they may enjoy the “garden” that nourishes us and our economy. Along the way she helps people reinvent themselves and leave their mark.

Dr. Sarah knows that change is difficult, necessary– and possible. And Dr. Sarah knows that change is rewarding. The daughter of an MIT researcher who was in on the ground floor of artificial intelligence, Dr. Warren focuses on analyzing the big picture and delivering highly effective messages about our climate crisis. With a brother who has been writing about business and the environment for 25 years and is one of the foremost experts on ocean acidification— global warming’s “evil twin–” and a sister who is a district manager at Patagonia, a pioneer among environmentally responsible companies, Dr. Warren comes naturally by her commitment to inspiring informed eco-action.

When she realized that global warming threatened her two young boys, she joined a growing movement of people who are shifting from somewhat committed unlikely environmentalists to deeply committed and empassioned eco-warriors who want to save the “garden” that feeds us, sustains our economy, and offers us natural beauty.

The Founder of the Spheres of Influence Salon on climate change, Dr. Sarah enjoys public speaking, writing, and coaching businesses and individuals on greening their practices. She also works to help people become informed, engaged voters on the pressing matter of climate policy. We invite you to learn more about our services by contacting

Keep checking back as this site grows into a comprehensive resource offering climate crisis news, information on the problem and the solution (as in what you can do!), tips and trends, and Dr. Sarah’s views and opinions as a behavior change expert for the age of global warming.

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